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We at Echo Springs are proud of our reputation of having “Texas’ Finest Blueberries”, and we work hard to consistently maintain and present a superior blueberry farm. Every year, Echo Springs attracts visitors from across the U.S. who come to pick or purchase our “Texas’ Finest Blueberries”. Blueberries from Echo Springs receive their superior taste from the labyrinth of natural fresh water springs flowing under the ground.


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Great News WE ARE OPEN For the Holidays
Echo Springs Blueberry Farm will be open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday until December 20.
Hours are 8-4:30 Daily
Come & Enjoy Great Specials
Buy 3 Jars Jams, Jellies, Syrups Get the 4th Jar FREE
Buy a case of 12 Get 16 Jars Sugar FREE or Regular
Buy 3 Mixes Muffins, Dips , Desserts Get # 4 FREE
Buy 3 Fudge Get #4 FREE
By 5 Blueberry/Blackberry Plants Get #6 FREE
Adopt 1 Lovable Stuffed Animal Get #2 FREE
Christmas Merchandise Wreaths, Centerpieces Get 20% off

Our Bakeshop will be open with Regular, Sugar Free and Gluten Free Pastries

Pies, Cheesecakes, Scones, Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, Biscuits

Please call ahead for Special or Large Orders.
Daily Draws
1. 10 Box of Echo Springs Frozen BlueBerries
2.Case of Jam, Jelly or Syrups,
3, Echo Springs T shirt
4.Blueberry Coffee Cake
Complimentary Coffee While you Shop.
Frozen Berries
Gallon Bag Buy 3 Get # 4 FREE
10 pound box $40.00
20 pound box $70.00
For Great Holiday Shopping Saddle Up and Ride on out to Echo Springs Blueberry Farm

Mailing Boxes Give Gifts From Texas
You create the box We wrap it For Shipping Complete with the Texas Flag



Pick your own berries from Friday of Memorial Day weekend through June and July. If you don't pick enough come back at Thanksgiving and buy our frozen berries. Same great taste! We look forward to sharing our blueberries with you. So, round up the kids, pack up the car and head out to the Piney Woods of East Texas to spend an unforgettable day at ECHO SPRINGS BLUEBERRY FARM.

We use NO artificial sweeteners in our products and our bottles jams & jellies are sweetened with white grape juice. We have our own beehives so all honey items are fresh off the farm! We belong to GO Texan and the East Texas Better Business Bureau and we are Primus Certified. Please see our recipes page for more goodies!

FREE DAYS Specials

Buy 3 bags of frozen berries Get the 4th bag FREE
Buy 3 dips, muffin,dessert mixes get the 4th item FREE
Buy 3 Boxes of FUDGE Get the 4th box FREE
Buy 7 Blueberry Get the 8th Plant FREE
Buy 3 Jars of Jams, Jellies, Syrups Get the 4th Jar FREE


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